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Water Stories by František Horváth


Water Stories is a purely organic sound therapy conceptual album which was developed primarily to help individuals suffering from tinnitus. There are two levels of soundscapes being used on this recording. One of them is my tibetan singing bowl sound therapy and the other one is the purely organic water sound masker. The water masker sounds were recorded especially for this occasion in pristine mountain locations in Czech Republic and are evolving and always changing throughout the whole Water Story, just like water in nature is. We use the water sound masker as a sonic tool in order to cancel out the unwanted tinnitus sounds and as an organic stimulation device at the same time. Sounds of Tibetan singing bowls then act as a healing agent, soothing and calming the stressed out body-mind and thus supporting natural healing processes in our body.


Parallel use of this album is to help you to deeply relax and eventualy attain a state of meditation. So even if you don’t suffer from tinnitus and are looking for self-improvement so you can enjoy fulfilment, quality and vitality in your life, this album can still be greatly beneficial to you.

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