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Personal treatments


I learned the treatments mentioned below from one of the Dalai Lamas' doctors' healer master Lobsang Dhondup in McLeod Ganj, North India, the seat of the Tibetan exile government. Every procedure takes approximately 75 minutes during which you stay fully and if possible comfortably clothed.

Sound massage


During this treatment you will experience what is it like to have a singing bowl being resonated directly on your body. The sound of a singing bowl will travel through your whole body and reach the deepest parts of it while the organic tissue will take over the sounds vibration and resonate with it. This will cause an inner sound “massage” of all the organs which will in effect “shake off” toxins and unwanted particles caught up in them. Sounds of Tibetan singing bowls are very soothing so they can make you relax on the mental level and are at the same time powerful enough to penetrate your whole body including bones.

Sound massage will positively influence all bodily fluids and restructure the water in our bodies.

Auric body cleansing


Every illness, before it reaches the stage of physical malady, begins to develop on a much finer energetic (auric) level. This treatment will dissolve and dispel these embryonic pockets of accumulated stuck energy and so prevent the manifestation of the actual disease or pain on physical level.

Sound of the Tibetan singing bowls is known to have the capacity to penetrate and positively influence not only our physical body but also our finer bodies while deeply relaxing us on the mental level.

Sound bath


Tibetan singing bowl sound bath is recommended for all those who are feeling stressed out, anxious or under pressure and are thus unable to relax, regenerate and replenish their energy. This sound session will help you to recharge and re-establish the nowadays so valuable inner peace and general contentment.

You can get a taste of what such a sound bath feels like during some of the concerts which I am continuously preparing for you. But to have a private sound bath is two levels higher (or deeper depending on your way of looking at it) because your body is surrounded with Tibetan singing bowls which are sounded just for you at very close range.

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