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Few words about me

My name is František Horváth and I've been working extensively with the sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls over ten years. The passion started couple of years sooner but developed into actual work only around the year 2008.

I believe that most physical diseases and mental discomforts are caused by stress and have their basis in those parts of human being that are out of tune with the rest of our body-mind system. With the help of sound of Tibetan singing bowls and human voice we can re-tune these parts back to their healthy and balanced state.


During my journey of discovery of large areas of sound therapy I had the opportunity to learn from one of the Dalai Lamas’ doctors’ healers, Master Lobsang Dhondup, directly at the place of the seat of the Tibetan government in exile in McLeod Ganj, India. Other teachers with whom I studied are Simon Heather, founder of the UK College of Sound Healing or Kalyan Krishna Tamrakar, a sound healing master from Kathmandu, Nepal. I am also a registered practitioner of the Peter Hess Sound Massage which I studied at the Peter Hess Institute.


Appart from individual treatments I also give meditation concerts and lead workshops focused on the use of sound in healing. When I'm not teaching or travelling around the globe I enjoy meditation, walks in nature or reading a good book. I also work with spinally injured in the UK.


I sincerely hope that the information found on these pages will be of benefit to you. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, queries or feedback, all will be much appreciated.


With kind regards and good health wishes


František Horváth



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